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Lemon: Has there ever been a worse day for Trump?

Lemon: Has there ever been a worse day for Trump?

By rayandres in Politics on January 27, 2019

CNN’s Don Lemon says it was a tough day for President Donald Trump after his longtime adviser Roger Stone was indicted on charges of obstruction, false statements and witness tampering in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, on the same day the President ended the partial government shutdown without funding for his border wall. #CNN #News 

Sarah Cohen
Trump’s bound for jail. His kids are bound for jail. He has to be confident Pence will become President and pardon him. I’m sure it’s likely and Trump knows that. But he’s had bad days. What if Pence is also removed for having been elected as a result of fraud? What if Pelosi becomes President? Unlikely but possible. Trump, despite opinions of Russian trolls and Trump supporters, Russian collusion or not, has committed numerous felonies. Innocent men, men committing no crimes, let the investigators investigate without threats. They also don’t pay off porn stars as part of their campaign finance expenditures.

Dloccz Dagreat
Trump already said he has no problem bankrupting America. He will just renegotiate we should never put America in somebody’s hands of a person like this. Some of y’all should be ashamed.

Paul Duffy
Fools think Trump is on the ropes…He has put the ball into the democrats side, they must come to the party regarding the wall, if not Daca is at risk if they don’t ….trump will call a national crisis emergency at the boarder and he will order the wall to be built, or another shutdown..

go on don. trump deserves everything that he gets. plus he publically said he would be proud to shutdown the government…what happened mr president. was it the flights being cancelled that made you terrified or the fbi agents who weren’t being paid, that were proud to arrest your fixer so the law can be upheld. what really made you re-open the government you were so happy to shutdown???