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Techbism: So Many people invest a fortune trying to make the outside look good for the world while investing nothing on whats on the inside  Thug Gear TM does both, it serves as a constant reminder of that search. We made the constant search for durable, 21st-century material, practical and built to last like you. Thug Gear makes a statement to the consciousness of being an evolved Human being.  Thug Gear was designed to make a  critical statement to life on our planet and America where Thug Gear was conceived created and designed.
The Tech-b ism website is used to promote the teachings of the TECH-B, to help usher humanity into the next stage of evolution, the Human evolutous E.E. as in Evolutous Error, where ignorance will shrink and human knowledge and technology will flourish, Those most Tech-b followers are referred to as techies. The 4 dimensional, spiritual, mental, physical, and social beings that exemplify What being a human being is all about. The Tech-B seeks to provide daily inspiration and church via social media, instead of weekly rituals of church on a Sabbath or veneration of the sun day Dissemination of what it means to be human,